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The E730 has the most modern design in the Ecco Stove® range featuring a tall glass window which will captivate you with tall, dancing flames. Weighing in at 600kg it has a similar mass to the E678 and E645 models but with a more rapid distribution of heat while trading some heat retention.


Very well suited to open plan areas heating a much larger area than a traditional metal stove while achieving between 83 – 86.5% efficiency for ultra clean, carbon neutral combustion. The continuous, balanced heat from the stone body will heat up to a 260m² property.

If you would like to learn how much of your home the E730 could heat contact our customer service team for a free heat plan estimate.

You can view our video on our E730 here.

Key Features

Ecco Design Ready 2022

Fitted with a catalyser for a cleaner burn

Heats upto 260m2 

Heat up to a 260m² area (Up to 12 rooms)

Silicon Carbide body

Long lasting, high quality solid mineral (Silicon Carbide) parts throughout

Upto 9 Hours Heat

Up to 9 hours of heat from just 8kg of fuel

Contraflow Channels

 Contraflow Channels to extract as much heat from the flue gases as possible

10 Year warranty

10 year warranty on the stove body

Interested in our E730? Get in touch today!

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