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The Future of Ecco Stove

Since inception, Ecco Stove have strived to improve product performance to meet the demands of efficiency standards and emissions in the UK. We believe, we are, one of the cleanest burning and most efficient wood burning appliances on the market today.

We have developed the Ecco Stove as masonry heater but intentionally crossed the boundary between a masonry heater and a traditional cast or steel wood burning stove. Truly a hybrid stand alone appliance.


Moving forward, we intend to improve on and further develop the cooking elements within our stoves range. Also to consider and develop other technologies from the stored heat (energy) the Ecco Stove retains.

We are actively working on sales in other world wide market places to broaden the sales force and dramatically improve sales through export as well as expanding on our home marketplace.

Ecco Stove is one of the very few appliance ranges to have successfully satisfied test standards for UK and Europe being 15250 standard for masonry heaters and 13240 for conventional stoves.

We are looking forward to producing a 'one stop shop' with the Ecco Stove range for whole home energy production. 

Truly a world leading aim and application.


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