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Hot Box | Warm Air Ducting

The Ecco Stoves Natural Heat release remains one of the simplest ways to provide heat to much more of the home without the need for electrical connections or radiators. However sometimes our customers do not want to leave a door open to an office, bathroom or study, perhaps a room is too difficult to heat due to its location or connection to the other rooms in the property.

 The Hot Box is a hollow module that can be added to the 580, 645 or 678 models. This module sits on the top of the stove and can be connected to ducting connecting the room requiring heating directly to the stove.

One connection for incoming displacement air is required with up to three other connection points (one other connection point with 580 models) for ducting to the required area or spurred to several rooms / locations.

The hotbox is 150mm depth that sits on top of the stove.

E678 Black with flowers.jpg
Hotbox Coils.jpg

Hotbox underside showing coils

678 with hotbox natural ROSE COTTAGE New 1920x1280.jpg

Hot Box | Domestic Hot Water

The Ecco stove can be used for domestic hot water (DHW) through the use of the hot box. Due to the nature if the silicon carbide the amount of heat transferred will be less than a conventional boiler stove and will take longer to re-coup the water used. Therefore we suggest using the hot box in conjunction with a secondary system such as an immersion heater to support in order to provide adequate hot water. The amount of water provided is 2 x 30 gallon cylinders to 45⁰C in 24 hours provided the Ecco stove® is run to optimum 200⁰C for 15 hours in 24.

Heat Shield

Our heat shields can be purchased for our E678 and E850 models. Our shields offer both back and floor protection. The heat shield is a thin discreet metal that attaches to the trims at the back. Please note that you trims are required to install a heat shield. A heat shield can often reduce the distance to combustibles, if you think you need a heat shield, get in touch and we will discuss further with you. 

Lewis 678 7HS.jpg

External Air Kit

We offer an external air kit option which allows an external air duct to be connected to the stove which then supplies all or some of the air the stove needs to burn the wood. For direct air connection to the Ecco Stove when installing in highly insulated properties and a separate room vent is not desirable. Comes with hose and air vent for installation within one metre of the stove. This can help to reduce draughts in the room and to maintain airtightness in modern homes. Please note that the external air kit is attached via the trims so trims are required to install the air kit. 



Our E850 is fitted with trims as standard however you do have the option on our E678 as to whether you would like to add them (priced additionally).

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