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How does it work?

A hybrid masonry heater combines some of the best attributes of a traditional masonry heater and that of a traditional metal wood burning stove. By harnessing the best of both these woodfired solutions we can achieve a much greater benefit to the home. Ecco Stove use Silicon Carbide to achieve this and maximise the potential of each log you put on the fire.

The Ecco Stove pushes heat further than traditional metal stoves and masonry heaters by hitting a sweet spot in heat transference. By combining heat storage, surface area, surface temperature and the benefits of Silicon Carbide, warmth can be gently circulated through open doorways in the home.

The Ecco Stove is one of the best masonry heaters for heat distribution making it more than just a room heater as it heats throughout the home with a balanced heat. This is achieved by the unique way the heat is released by the silicon carbide body that actually creates and generates natural air circulation within the home. All this is achieved via a single source without the need for complicated plumbing, electrics and ducting and is why the Ecco Stove is proving a very popular choice for those living in rural areas without central heating systems or having to rely on expensive oil, LPG or other produced fuels as the Ecco Stove achieves this simply by burning wood logs.


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Useful Questions

Can I heat my whole home?
Potentially yes, we also offer a free heat plan estimation service and analyse your floor plans to show what the Ecco Stove could achieve in your home.

Can I control which room I heat?
By opening and closing doors in your home you can simply channel the heat to all rooms or concentrate on a few. Our customer service team can provide guidance for this in the free heat plan estimate.

Can I build the stove myself?
Yes, our assembly videos show how easily the Ecco Stoves can be assembled. The large modules are quite heavy but simply stack in location.

Will the Ecco Stove heat my domestic hot water?
The hot box option with DHW can be used as supplementary support to your existing system. The hotbox is available with the E580, E645 & E678 models. 

We care... 

To ensure you get the most from each log while producing the least emissions, the Ecco Stoves have undergone testing to the highest standards. In doing so our models have passed some of the toughest testing requirements worldwide.

Ecco Stoves® are so efficient they will produce less carbon dioxide in combustion than a tree decomposing naturally.

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Please ensure you play your part in a cleaner future by burning your fuel responsibly. 

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