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Ecco Stove the biomass masonry home heating solution

Innovation in Silicon Carbide

Ecco Stoves ® - the only Silicon Carbide biomass masonry heater to be manufactured in the UK. Ecco Stoves ® are designed to offer a simple biomass home heating solution to combat the spiralling costs of home heating.


The Ecco Stove ® biomass heater provides a single source heating solution without the need for radiators, ducting or electrical requirements. Installation requires just a simple chimney / flue system to provide uniform heat distribution throughout the home.


What makes an Ecco Stove ® so different?


  • One of a kind – The only biomass heating product on the market to utilise the unique benefits of the mineral Silicon Carbide for whole home heating ... more >>


  • Heat storage The Ecco Stove ® can retain heat for up to 12 hrs after the fire has gone out heating the home while you work and sleep ... more >>


  • Greater heating area – Much greater range than a conventional wood burning stove or other traditional heaters ... more >>


  • Efficiency – Does not stop at complete combustion in the fire chamber, but also takes heat from the spent gases: "Heats the house not the atmosphere"... more >>


  • Simple Installation – The Ecco Stove ® biomass masonry heater is as easy as a wood burning stove to install ... more >>


  • Low cost maintenance – With no moving parts and made from one of the most durable materials on the market today ... more >>


Interview with Managing Director - David Ashmore, who explains how Ecco Stove was conceived to offer an alternative biomass heating solution.


Our team is ready to help. Either call or email us and let us help you select the best Ecco Stove masonry heater for your alternative heating needs. We're happy to carry out a site visit wherever possible or connect you with other happy customers, who are happy to show off their Ecco Stove biomass heating system in action!
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The heat generated for the amount of logs used from our Ecco Stove E580 is excellent. The heat flow around the house is effective and so appreciated because our bedrooms are now warm!

I was told as a child ‘I was born in a barn!’ as I hated closing doors and I’m still the same. With our Ecco Stove masonry heater, I now leave doors open knowing the heat is circulating around the house. The central heating bill has been greatly reduced.

Catherine P - Warwickshire


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  • Silicon Carbide has far greater potential for both storing and emitting heat gently compared concrete, steel or cast-iron.MORE
  • Silicon Carbide has greater mass and density compared to typical materials used in other heaters.MORE
  • Made with cutting edge Silicon Carbide material, the Ecco Stove is a wood fuelled heating system like no other.MORE