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    Located in the Western Catskill Mountains of New York State, in the village of Fleischmanns, is The Tinderbox, a family owned and operated retail hearth store. Serving the area with wood stoves of many makes, The Tinderbox installs and services their products using their own service and installation staff.

    Over a year ago, intrigued by the Ecco Stove, The Tinderbox began tracking its progress in America. The high efficiency of the Ecco Stove (85% plus), the high burn temperature (up to 1800˚F) and the low emissions (2.6gph) make it a unique whole house heater, rather than a traditional metal stove, or much larger masonry heater. These unique features, as well as the size of the Ecco Stove (being about half that of a comparable masonry heater), the speed of build (being an hour rather than a day or two days), the cost (being much less then soapstone or ceramic heaters) and it being an English product, all made the decision to become a dealer and retailer/builder easy.

    Locally, a builder of Finnish-made soapstone masonry heaters was dealing in a side of the cord wood heating business The Tinderbox had been unable to offer. The Ecco Stove gave The Tinderbox the opportunity to broaden their product range and customer base by offering masonry/ceramic heaters at a much more competitive price point than others could offer .